Swiss Commission for Polar and High Altitude Research

This Commission serves as a strategic body for the Swiss community in polar and high altitude research and represents their scientific interests nationally as well as internationally. In order to promote young talents, it awards the Prix de Quervain.


2023 (High altitude research)

Marin Kneib, ETH Zurich & WSL


Contribution of ice cliffs to the melt of debris-covered glaciers in High Mountain Asia


2022 (Polar research)

Andrea Baccarini, EPF Lausanne


Investigation of new aerosol particle formation in polar regions


Julie Pasquier, ETH Zurich


Towards solving the puzzle of ice crystal formation and growth in Arctic mixed-phase clouds


Jens Terhaar, University of Bern


Der Südozean: wie gross ist das Tor ins Ozeaninnere wirklich?


2021 (High altitude research)

Alexander R. Groos, University of Bern


Glacial and periglacial history of the Bale Mountains, southern Ethiopian Highlands


Enrico Mattea, University of Fribourg


Measuring and modelling changes in the firn at Colle Gnifetti, 4400 m a.s.l., Swiss Alps


2020 (Polar research)

Lea Pfäffli, ETH Zurich


Das Wissen, das aus der Kälte kam. Assoziationen der Arktis um 1912


2019 (High altitude research)

Sandra Brügger, University of Bern


FrozenNature: the palynological contribution to reconstruct paleo fire, vegetation, land use, and pollution dynamics from high-alpine ice cores


Michael Furian, ETH Zurich


Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) travelling to altitude: physiological and clinical changes and their prevention


2018 (Polar research)

F. Alexander Haumann, ETH Zurich


Southern Ocean response to recent changes in surface freshwater fluxes


2017 (High altitude research)

Prisco Frei, ETH Zurich


Snowfall in the Alps: evaluation and projections based on the EURO-CORDEX regional climate models


Emiliano Stopelli, University of Basel


Biological ice nucleating particles at tropospheric cloud height


2016 (Polar research)

Adrien Michel, University of Bern


Transient modeling of borehole temperature and basal melting in an ice sheet


Lea Steinle, University of Basel


Environmental controls on marine methane oxidation: from deep-sea brines to shallow coastal systems


2015 (High altitude research)

Chrystelle Gabbud, University of Lausanne


Remote sensing of the interactions between climate variability and glacier dynamics for an Alpine temperate glacier, from the scale of the decades to hours: the case of the Haut Glacier d’Arolla


Steven Paul Sylvester, University of Zurich


Reconstructing the potential natural vegetation of the high Andean puna


Matthieu Heiniger, University of Geneva


Base Camp Circus (special prize)


2014 (Polar and high altitude research)

Raphaël Faiss, University of Lausanne


Innovations in hypoxic training


2013 (Polar and high altitude research)

Lena Hellmann, WSL Birmensdorf


Anatomical classification of Arctic driftwood


Nicole Inauen, University of Basel


The consequences of elevated CO2 and land use in alpine ecosystems


2012 (Polar and high altitude research)

Yvonne Nussbaumer-Ochsner, University Hospital Zurich


Patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome benefit from acetazolamide during an altitude sojourn: a randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind trial


2011 (Polar and high altitude research)

Michael Matschiner, University of Basel


Population genetic and phylogenetic insights into the adaptive radiation of Antarctic notothenioid fishes


2010 (Polar and high altitude research)

Beat Schuler, University of Zurich


Optimal hematocrit for maximal exercise performance in acute and chronic erythropoietin-treated mice


2009 (Polar and high altitude research)

Maarten Lupker, ETH Zurich


A short time-series of dust and ice isotopic composition (Sr, Nd and Hf) from the Dye-3 ice core, Greenland


Swiss Commission for Polar and High Altitude Research

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