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Akademien der Wissenschaften Schweiz  

Swiss Committee on Polar
and High Altitude Research

A Committee of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences



High Altitude Research

Swiss Research Projects

Prof. Urs Scherrer, CHUV, Université de Lausanne

Mechanisms of exaggerated hypoxic pulmonary hypertension: learning from high-risk subpopulations living at high altitude

Article Chest

Article High Altitude Medicine & Biology

Dr. Marco Maggiorini, Universitätsspital Zürich Acclimatization mechanisms in high altitude pulmonary edema susceptible subjects during a slow ascent to 7500m
Prof. Rainer Wieler, Dept. Earth Sciences, ETH Zürich Dating of Quaternary glaciation of the Tibetan Plateau
Prof. Urs Scherrer , CHUV, Université de Lausanne Role of alveolar epthelial sodium transport in the pathognesis of pulmonary edema (completed project)
Prof. Heinz Blatter, Institut fur Atmosphäre und Klima, ETH Zürich Flow modelling of firn-covered cold glaciers (completed project)


Swiss Committee on Polar and High Altitude Research

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